the fears of Mohamed Abrini’s lawyer

the fears of Mohamed Abrini’s lawyer
the fears of Mohamed Abrini’s lawyer

“I am convinced that he will be a scapegoat because the living will pay for the dead,” he told Investigation the advocate of “the man in the hat”. His client Mohamed Abrini could be sentenced to life. He would be the man in the hat who had been seen at Zaventem airport in Brussels on March 22, 2015, just before the attacks that had bloodied the Belgian capital. On November 12, 2015, he was with the commandos who had perpetrated the Paris attacks the following day, whose death toll shows 130 dead and 350 wounded.

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Despite the fears, Stanislas Eskenazi is determined to get his business client, a Belgian-Moroccan he has been defending for 5 years. “My opponents are not the victims, I respect them more than anything. They will dictate my behavior throughout the trial. My opponent is the floor, ”he said. The one who had worked as a waiter, security guard and also programmer in Morocco knows the realities of the Brussels districts, in particular those of Molenbeek, where Mohamed Abrini grew up. “A person who grew up in 18ᵉ in Paris or who grew up in Molenbeek … does not have the same cultural codes, does not have the same way of speaking and therefore I think I have my contribution to the building of trial, ”he says.

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Opened on September 8, 2021 before the Special Assize Court in Paris, the French trial on the attacks of November 13, 2015 will last nine months. The French jihadist terrorist of Moroccan origin, Salah Abdeslam is the only member of the terrorist commando still alive.


fears Mohamed Abrinis lawyer

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