Trois-Rivières: the candidates neck and neck

Trois-Rivières: the candidates neck and neck
Trois-Rivières: the candidates neck and neck

The suspense remained very early Tuesday in the riding of Trois-Rivières where the candidates were engaged in a very close three-way fight between the Bloc, the Conservatives and the Liberals in the ballot the day before.

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After the count of 242 out of 245 ballot boxes, the Bloc Québécois René Villeneuve was ahead with 16,300 votes, closely followed by the conservative Yves Lévesque (16,252 votes), while the candidate of the PLC Martin Francoeur closes the electoral podium with 15,470 votes.

Archive photo, Amélie St-Yves

The 48 votes ahead of the Parti Québécois candidate (29.6%) do not yet assure him the victory, given that there are still mail-in ballots to count.

The thin gap between the candidates does not allow to designate a potential winner, despite the slight advantage taken by René Villeneuve who, if elected, will have given back the Bloc colors to the constituency of Trois-0Rivières, after the parenthesis New Democrat between 2011 and 2019.

“It’s very tight, so if it continues like this, there will be no speech tonight,” said Philippe L. Dépatie, attaché to the Bloc Québécois René Villemure. “It may end on Wednesday.”

As for Mr. Lévesque, with whom The newspaper spoke a few minutes before he spoke to his volunteers shortly after midnight, he said he was very “down to earth”. “I am rational and I am not emotional; for the rest, it is in the hands of the population. “

Until 10:30 p.m., the Liberal and the Bloc played the musical chair with the leading position. Then, Mr. Lévesque invited himself to the game. The one who was mayor of Trois-Rivières between 2001 and 2018 then moved to the front row and did not leave it for 2 hours.

It was also from 10:30 p.m. that the liberal Martin Francoeur no longer left third row. “We are between 300 and 350 votes behind, but I will not be able to concede to anyone, given that everything can still be played, and it shows how the race is as close as we suggested “He told the Journal around 1 a.m.

Change of allegiance?

If Yves Lévesque were to be elected, it would be the first time since 1993 that the Conservatives have represented Trois-Rivières. It would also be the first time in 30 years that the riding did not represent the opposition.

Mr. Lévesque is trying for the second time to be elected, he who had finished third in 2019. He then declared that his political career was coming to an end. This time he is more careful. “I’m like Dominique Michel”, he said before hastening to clarify that there is no question of evoking a defeat for the moment.

For his part, if Martin Francoeur obtained the favor of the voters, it would mark the return of the Liberal Party after almost 40 years of absence.

As for the Bloc Québécois, it has dominated the ballot box in Trois-Rivières since 1993, with the exception of a parenthesis between 2011 and 2019, the time of a flirtation of voters with the New Democratic Party. If the party were to win again, it would be a very first term for Mr. Villemure – the outgoing MP, the Bloc Québécois Louise Charbonneau, not having represented herself.


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