imminent return of the public to the stadiums

imminent return of the public to the stadiums
imminent return of the public to the stadiums

The return of the public to the stadiums will take place under well-defined conditions, since the threat of propagation is always present, because of the many variants that are circulating. According to Assabah, the FRMF and the Ministry of the Interior are considering the issue to see the strategies to adopt so that the decision does not lead to other consequences. The news is very well received by the actors of the sector, financially asphyxiated.

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The decision will be implemented after the formation of Aziz Akhannouch’s government. But according to the newspaper, access to the enclosures will not be done without the presentation of the health pass. Likewise, minors will be prohibited as long as they do not have this pass and must also be accompanied by an adult.

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The FRMF also thought about filling the stadiums gradually. For example, the Mohammed V Complex, the Moulay Abdallah Complex, the great stadium of Marrakech, Tangier and Fez, which can accommodate more than 45,000 spectators will be allowed to accommodate 10,000 only. The others must not exceed 2000 spectators.


imminent return public stadiums

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