Sudan: Army foils coup attempt

Sudan: Army foils coup attempt
Sudan: Army foils coup attempt

The Sudanese army has announced that it has foiled an attempted coup and has taken full control of the situation.

Coup d’etat foiled …

Sudan escaped an attempted coup on Monday (September 20th), the army said in a statement on Tuesday, saying that the authorities were in control of the situation, reports France 24. According to Khartoum, supporters the deposed president, Omar al-Bashir, would be responsible.

Investigation announced …

Mohamed al Faki Suleiman, spokesman for the Transitional Council ruling the country, told Reuters that the coup attempt took place on Monday and that questioning of suspects would begin soon. According to a government source who requested anonymity, the coup plotters notably attempted to take control of public radio in Omdurman, which faces the capital Khartoum on the opposite bank of the Nile.

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Sudan Army foils coup attempt

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