what we know about the CNRD organization chart

what we know about the CNRD organization chart
what we know about the CNRD organization chart

“At least with Moussa Dadis Camara, we knew from the start who was who”, launches a good connoisseur of the history of Guinea, in reference to the head of the CNDD, the military junta which took power in December 2008.

The image of Colonel Amara Camara, CNRD spokesperson hitherto unknown to the general public, is now familiar to RTG viewers: it is he who read the press releases on the national channel since the evening of the coup d ‘ State, before handing over in recent days to a woman, Lieutenant-Colonel Aminata Diallo.

Also visible near the head of the junta: Colonel Balla Samoura, former regional director of the Conakry gendarmerie. Sometimes nicknamed “the colossus”, “he did not get along with the high commander of the national gendarmerie”, indicates a well-informed source, for whom “Alpha Condé had created a bipolarity within the gendarmerie”.

Sadiba Koulibaly, number 2 of the junta?
But “the real number 2 would rather be Colonel Sadiba Koulibaly”, estimates an official received by the CNRD. “It was he who first represented Colonel Doumbouya and spoke on his behalf” during the meeting, “who then took the floor to explain the junta’s positions”. Then, “he was sitting alone to the right of Mamady Doumbouya,” says our interlocutor. Colonel Koulibaly was appointed at the end of August 2019 commander of the Peacekeeping Operations Training Center.

His photo appeared in July 2019 on the Facebook page of the American Embassy in Guinea alongside another Guinean officer, on his return “from training at the prestigious School of War and Command of the US Army”. “They will put the newly acquired knowledge at the service of their Nation”, one can read in the publication.

The name of General Aboubacar Sidiki Camara, alias “Idi Amin” is finally coming back with insistence. Former chief of staff of the Minister of Defense, former close to Alpha Condé, “he had finally been removed and appointed ambassador to Cuba in early 2019”, recalls an observer. Several sources indicate that it would be nice to return to Conakry, but he has not appeared publicly since the coup.

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