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“We should not close the door to compulsory vaccination of the entire population”

At the microphone of DH radio, Pierre-Yves Dermagne, vice-premier PS and federal minister of the economy proposed solutions to these energy bills which continue to swell. He also commented on the reform of the penal code in sexual matters which is being debated this morning in the House. Critics of this reform believe that the changes favor the work of pimps.

For the vice-premier, it is above all “a text that has the courage to take prostitution out of the gray area in which it is at the moment.”

“There are contracts that exist and the people who sign these contracts want to assert their rights. We must put an end to hypocrisy, regulate prostitution and punish excesses,” insists the minister. “But this text does not speak only of prostitution. It also advances elements on consent, provides for a strengthening of sanctions in matters of sexual assault and in the case of rape. The elements of this text are debated and that’s it. quite normal “, he recalls.

Other news: our gas bills which continue to increase. They have even tripled in a few months. How to stop this bleeding? “I would first like to remind you that this is not a phenomenon linked to Belgium, it is an international phenomenon. But it is indeed a real element of concern, in relation to the purchasing power of the citizen”, admits the socialist. So what solution? Lower VAT to 6%? “In my opinion, this is not a good solution. It will benefit everyone and we know that it is the richest who consume the most energy. It would have an impact on the indexation of wages as well. would reduce the automatic wage increase. I therefore plead for the maintenance of the social tariff on gas and electricity, as I did with my colleague, the Minister of Energy. benefit from this reduced rate. It is necessary to go beyond given the situation, with a factual flat-rate intervention “, pleads Pierre-Yves Dermagne.

“A budgetary effort of 3 billion euros? For the Socialists, it is out of the question”

However, a budgetary effort of 3 billion euros is requested by the Secretary of State for the Budget, Eva De Bleeker (Open Vld). “I think that we must first consider the needs of the population, before talking about percentages and budgetary rules which are moreover suspended by Europe still in 2022. We must take advantage of this flexibility granted by the Europe”, encourages the minister. What about the budgetary effort requested by Eva De Bleeker suddenly? “For the Socialists, it is out of the question. We will be responsible. We will not spend lavishly. But, on the other hand, we must meet the needs of the population. Especially the most vulnerable population.”

“We must not close the door to compulsory vaccination”

Hospitalizations are increasing, especially in Wallonia. In Liège, we went to level 4 of the epidemic and in Charleroi, vaccination is stagnating. Should the Covid Safe Ticket be introduced in Wallonia? “I have always spoken in favor of the Covid Safe Ticket”, assumes the Walloon. “I don’t think it’s the miracle solution but part of the answer to the situation. Because it encourages some people to get vaccinated or get vaccinated earlier. I also think that we should not close the calls for compulsory vaccination of the entire population. We must have a debate. A public and transparent debate with the supporters of the pro and the con. While continuing the awareness campaign. “

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