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Taxed as a bogus student, he corrects his… –

Taxed as a bogus student, he corrects his… –
Taxed as a bogus student, he corrects his… –

For having administered beatings with a stick to his colleague, Mamadou Alpha Barry, Birahim Diémé was sentenced to one month of imprisonment. Born in 1993 and a student at the Virtual University of Senegal (Uvs), the defendant was answerable for assault and battery in the court of flagrante delicto in Dakar, yesterday Monday.

Mamadou Alpha Barry almost passed the weapon on the left. Severely beaten by Birahim Diémé, he woke up in the hospital.

The two day laborers had a spat when they were about to unload a container from the Uniparco company. Treated as a bogus student by Mamadou Alpha Barry, Diémé reacted violently. Following the fight that broke out between them, they will be dismissed by their employer. Decided to wash away this affront, Birahim Diémé firmly awaits his sworn enemy outside the company. Armed with a stick, he will beat him violently. Informed, the firefighters reappear on the scene and evacuate the victim. Provided with a medical certificate along with a temporary incapacity for work of 21 days, Mr. Barry took the matter to court.

Appeal to the bar of the Dakar flagrante delicto court yesterday Monday, for assault and battery, the defendant who combines study and work, tries to reduce his criminal liability. He states that the civil party was the first to hit him with a stone. “It was while trying to dodge it that the stick hit him. I had no intention of hurting him, ”he says.

Speaking, the complainant claims to have received two blows to the temple and forearm. For the reparation of the damage suffered, he claimed 65,000 francs.

The company’s lawyer called for law enforcement. Counsel for the accused, Me Ousmane Thiam requested leniency. He will be followed by the president of the court, who sentenced the defendant to one month in prison and to pay 65,000 francs to the civil party.


Taxed bogus student corrects Rewmicom

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