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the decision should fall this Thursday

the decision should fall this Thursday
the decision should fall this Thursday

Willy Borsus, the MR Minister of the Economy, said it this Monday morning in our columns: he is in favor of the introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in Wallonia, in particular in the Horeca. A bit like what will be done in Brussels on October 1st. This Monday, his spokesperson confirmed it to us, specifying that the CST could also be made compulsory in places of gatherings and festivities.

The Walloon government is awaiting an opinion from the “Risk Assessment Group” before making a decision, but the positions are becoming clearer. And the decision will be made on Thursday, we are told in the regional government.

All of Wallonia

The Walloon deputy Manu Disabato, vice-president of the Parliament of Wallonia, gives us the position of his party: “We are in favor of it”, he tells us, “when we see that the vaccination rate is leveling off in certain municipalities. The CST must be set up in certain sectors, throughout Wallonia. “

Certain sectors, that is to say the Horeca, sports halls, the nightlife, trade fairs, convention centers or even cultural venues… But not transport, specifies Mr. Disabato. Where the mask remains mandatory anyway. And the CST would only be requested from the age of 16. For the Horeca, Écolo requires consultation with the sector before its implementation and regular evaluations.

But why the whole of Wallonia, when certain parts of the region are better vaccinated? “People move, we move quickly from one place to another”, advance the Ecolo deputy, who also points out the inconsistencies within the MR, between Mr. Borsus favorable to the CST and its party president, Georges-Louis Bouchez , which questions its effectiveness on the airwaves of the Première and has already declared that there would be no CST in a government where the MR was present. However, the opposite is likely to happen.

Another argument of Manu Disabato: “And then global solidarity counts. And it goes through CST. Rather than having to return to confinement. (…) The signal we send is: get vaccinated. The CST also helps to control the spread of the epidemic. “

Unanimous government

The vice-president MR of the government, Willy Borsus, favorable to the CST in the Horeca and other places, and who confirms it to us, the vice-president Ecolo of the Walloon parliament who gives us the position of his party for Wallonia: the PS remains pure to have the position of the three parties of the regional majority. With Minister-President Di Rupo, we do not want to express ourselves “before the government’s decision” and there too, we say we are waiting for the report of the Risk Assessment Group. But Mr. Di Rupo has already spoken in favor of an extension of the CST, depending on the situation.

However, the situation in certain parts of Wallonia (the Liège region in particular) is not good, the vaccination rate is not sufficient and a coherent policy between Brussels and Wallonia is highly desirable. The position of the PS is therefore hardly in doubt. It is up to us, moreover, that the whole government is on the same wavelength. Thursday’s decision will go in the direction of an extension of the CST. Remember that the CST is not just a vaccination certificate. It can be obtained after a PCR test or after recovery from Covid.

But what about the role of governors and municipalities? It will have to be discussed within the framework of the decree establishing the Covid Safe Ticket. The municipalities could have the possibility of taking stronger measures than the extension of the TSA to certain sectors.

Benoit Jacquemart

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