Estrie MPs could be a game-changer in Ottawa

Estrie MPs could be a game-changer in Ottawa
Estrie MPs could be a game-changer in Ottawa

Seven elected representatives will represent the region in Parliament. Of this number, two members will represent the Liberal Party, the Bloc Québécois and the Conservative Party. However, a seat has not yet been allocated on Tuesday morning.

A symbolic result in Brome-Missisquoi

At the end of Monday’s election night, only one question mark remains in Estrie, while 99 votes separate the Bloc Québécois Marilou Alarie from the liberal Pascale St-Onge.

Antonin-Xavier Fournier recalls that Brome-Missisquoi was held by the Bloc Québécois between 2006 and 2011, which means that this shift is not impossible.

In the current political context, the victory of either candidate will have a highly symbolic value, in her opinion.

It may seem trivial, but if that riding goes to the Bloc, that party will have won more ridings in Quebec than the Liberals.

A quote from:Antonin-Xavier Fournier, political scientist

Antonin-Xavier Fournier intends to follow closely the end of the counting of the votes in this constituency during the day on Tuesday.

A key role in sight for Marie-Claude Bibeau?

Even though the election night went hand in hand for the Liberal candidates, Marie-Claude Bibeau and Élisabeth Brière retain their seats in Ottawa.

The outgoing Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau, will be one to watch. Antonin-Xavier Fournier recalls that after having been responsible for two ministries, the member for Compton-Stanstead could remain a key element of the Trudeau government.

I can’t wait to see which chair Marie-Claude Bibeau will land in.

A quote from:Antonin-Xavier Fournier, political scientist

While Justin Trudeau emerges from this electoral campaign with weakened political influence, Antonin-Xavier Fournier believes that Marie-Claude Bibeau may have to think about her future within the party.

What role could she possibly play in a leadership race for the Liberal Party? Who could she support? he asks. Even if she does not present herself as chef, Marie-Claude Bibeau could benefit from a significant influence, according to him.

Conservative MPs at work to refocus the party?

Alain Rayes and Luc Berhtold, the only two Conservative MPs from the region will also be back in Parliament.

Conservative forces remain in place. It will be interesting to see the role of these two MPs within the Conservative caucus., says Antonin-Xavier Fournier.

The political scientist believes that Alain Rayes who is considered more as a progressive conservative could become an ally of Erin O’Toole who seeks to refocus the party. However, he believes that it is still unclear whether the Conservative leader will succeed in convincing his supporters in the West to make this shift with him. There are some interesting things that could happen if Erin O’Toole does not stay posted., he says.

The head of this political formation will nevertheless have to face a vote of confidence at the end of this electoral defeat. Antonin-Xavier Fournier believes, however, that he has a good chance of winning it and representing the party in the next elections.

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