Jean-Yves Duclos reelected after a close race

Liberal Minister Jean-Yves Duclos succeeded, Monday evening, in winning a third consecutive term after a close fight in the riding of Quebec.

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It was a long evening for Mr. Duclos, but he was finally declared the winner against his main Bloc competitor a little after midnight, on the night of Monday to Tuesday. A little after 1 am, he had nearly 2000 votes in advance after the counting of 80% of the ballots.

“I am very moved,” he exclaimed to the cheers of some fifty Liberal volunteers gathered in a bar in downtown Quebec. Beer in hand, Mr. Duclos sketched dance steps throughout the evening as Liberal candidates announced victories across the country.

Photo Taïeb Moalla

Jean-Yves Duclos relishes his victory in the riding of Quebec.

Asked if he was going to keep his post as President of the Treasury Board, he replied that it was not his decision. He reiterated that the priority is always to get out of the pandemic. “If we had not acted quickly and solidly, there is one in two businesses here, in downtown Quebec, that would have gone bankrupt,” he said. When you revive an economy where half of the businesses have gone bankrupt, things don’t go well. ”

Tight race

Jean-Yves Duclos is used to snatch victories. In 2015, he won by 1,000 votes ahead of his NDP opponent. Two years ago, he won by 325 votes against the Bloc candidate and needed a judicial recount before he could sit in the House of Commons.

“It’s a riding that has always been tight and always will be. You have to work very hard to gain people’s trust, ”he said on Monday evening.

Nationally, the minister expressed no disappointment, even though his party failed to win the majority he coveted.

“We are in a democracy. There are people on earth who would love to be able to vote and give their point of view. People’s vote will always be respected. Canadians had both the right and the responsibility to vote on the way out of the crisis, ”he reiterated.

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