La Mamounia at the head of the best hotels in the world

Based on their travel experiences around the world, more than 800,000 readers of the famous American magazine “Conde Nast Traveler” have taken part in this ranking which places “La Mamounia” at the forefront of the best hotels in the world, and this for its unique architecture and luxurious assets that attract both locals and international travelers.

“If you don’t spend the night in one of the tiled rooms of this ancient palace, it’s almost like you’ve never been in Marrakech,” read the magazine’s website, adding that “it” is because this opulent pocket of palm trees, landscaped gardens and fountains, where sensual halls and bars are draped in dark silks and velvets, has come to embody all of these reasons why we make Marrakech our number one destination ” .

Indeed, several criteria are taken in as by the classification namely the prestige, the reception, the quality of the restaurants and the design of the palace which has 200 rooms and has a casino, palm trees in rose bushes. The hotel “La Mamounia” is distinguished by its new unique appearance, escaped from two years of work supervised by the famous French decorator Jacques Garcia.


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