two cover albums and one tour in 2022

two cover albums and one tour in 2022
two cover albums and one tour in 2022
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The songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman remain timeless. While the favorite personality of the French returns to the heart of the news as it celebrates its 70th birthday today, many are wondering if he will ever come back on stage for a new tour, 17 years after his last concerts. No, the interested principal replied recently in a letter to a fan: Farewell turn? I am sad for the sadness that this absence can cause, but I also know what the scene demands of involvement, energy, desire, and I am no longer capable of it. (And it seems to me that it would be too difficult, emotionally too) . Bad news also confirmed by his friend and producer Erick Benzi at Parisian : He is very touched by the marks of affection of the public but does not want to make the album and turns it too much. The music has changed a lot and he has neither the desire nor the energy to go back into it. We talk to each other every month, we have projects together, but not of this kind .

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Despite this long absence from the media, the repertoire of Jean-Jacques Goldman will once again come to life. Indeed, two albums of covers of the artist’s songs will see the light of day in the first half of 2022, then return. Ten years after the enormous success of “Generation Goldman”, whose two volumes have accumulated more than a million sales to date, “The Goldman Heritage” will once again pay tribute to the emblematic hits of “JJG”, such as ” I give you “,” When the music is good “or” A sign will suffice “. According to The Parisian, the double disc will be released on the Pias label: the first volume will be recorded with the Paris gospel choir, while the second Celtic dominant , as daily specifies, will be done with the help of artists whose sisters Camille and Julie Berthollet or even MARINA Kaye, but also former candidates of “The Voice” like Lillian Renaud, Mentissa, Cyprien and Marghe, the last winner.

These two cover albums will then give rise to a tour which will pass the Olympia in October 2022 before the Znith in 2023. Projects in which those close to Jean-Jacques Goldman, such as Michael Jones or Erick Benzi, will participate. We don’t want to annoy or disappoint him. These covers had to be classy and not give the impression of a “Generation Goldman bis”. The idea so much to put forward his music and his texts, I took care of redoing the orchestrations and finding the voices indicates the producer, who wants to remain faithful to the repertoire of Jean-Jacques Goldman: We don’t want to do a classical concert but a great multidisciplinary show. There will be dancers, video, the meeting of the gospel and Celtic universes, a sort of “Cirque du Soleil” with songs by Goldman. You have to be ambitious. And there is a big public expectation! . Will this new project be as successful as “Generation Goldman”? Answer next year …


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