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The Casablanca Stock Exchange and the APSB join forces for the development of the stock market

The Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Professional Association of Brokerage Companies (APSB) recently signed a partnership agreement in order to collaborate for the development of the stock market. This partnership also aims to improve the attractiveness and liquidity of the stock market and thus to better contribute to the financing of the economy, indicate the Casablanca Stock Exchange and the APSB in a joint press release. These objectives, specifies the same source, correspond perfectly to the New Development Model (NMD), initiated by Morocco and which has set a strong ambition for the stock market, the achievement of which will make it possible to sustainably initiate this new model and to contribute to the establishment of sustainable and inclusive economic growth, reports the MAP. As part of this agreement, the two parties will set up a joint annual action plan which covers several areas of cooperation, relating to the development of markets and products, improvement of liquidity and the attractiveness of the market. , in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the promotion of technology and data, as well as continental and international integration. “Thanks to its strong capacity to mobilize savings and to finance Moroccan companies, the stock market is called upon to fully play its role of catalyst of the process of initiation in the New development model”, declared, on this occasion, the president of the board of directors of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, Kamal Mokdad, quoted by the press release. “By uniting our efforts with those undertaken by the brokerage firms through this agreement, we will provide effective support for the economic development of our country,” he said. For his part, the president of the APSB, Rachid Outariatte, noted that “this agreement is the testimony of our continued desire to actively participate in the development of the market with the aim of improving its attractiveness and contributing to the financing of the economy”. “With our partner (Casablanca Stock Exchange), we will work on high-value areas of cooperation that will promote new products that meet the diversification and risk management needs of investors and help improve the depth and liquidity of the market. financial, ”said Mr. Outariatte. He also specified that structural reforms are underway, reaffirming that brokerage firms have the ambition to support the transformation of the stock market.


Casablanca Stock Exchange APSB join forces development stock market

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