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Ousmane Sonko and Doudou Kâ met in the VIP lounge at Ziguinchor airport.

Coincidence or irony of fate. In any case, everything leads to believe it. Ousmane Sonko and Doudou Kâ were at the airport this afternoon to return to Dakar. Everyone thought they had taken the same flight with Abdoulaye Baldé, mayor of Ziguinchor.

But the last I heard, they passed each other in the main lounge and no one said a word. Like mutes, the two “gladiators” who kept the city of Ziguinchor spellbound last Monday, each remained in their own corner quietly awaiting their flight back to Dakar.

In the lounge of honor, arriving late, Abdoulaye Baldé approached them individually, in the coming hours, everything will be clarified …


Ousmane Sonko Doudou met VIP lounge Ziguinchor airport

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