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Senegalese civil society in the street, this Friday without “authorization”

The Noo Lank collective and some twenty Senegalese civil society organizations are taking up arms again. They announce a large demonstration Friday to, among other things, denounce the “repression of citizens’ rights” by the security forces and the judiciary.

Faced with the press this Friday, Guy Marius Sagna’s comrades note to denounce him that: “for some time now, we have noted a will and acts of intimidation and muzzling which clearly reflect a policy of terror towards citizens and organizations which fight through the democratic and peaceful expression of their convictions, through abusive arrests, police violence and hasty, unjustified imprisonment ”.

According to them, “this repression concerns both civil society organizations who want to demonstrate through marches in accordance with the exercise of their constitutional rights, as well as activists who speak through social networks and public media to denounce dysfunctions. of certain State institutions and services ”.

The Noo Lank collective and civil society organizations call for opposition to “acts of unreasonable arrest and detention which shock all Senegalese with their unnecessary violence, lack of moderation and civility (…)”.

Faced with this situation which “continues and which tends to become more and more commonplace”, the Noo Lank collective and civil society organizations are sounding the alarm “to say Now, that’s enough”.

“Senegal is neither a dictatorship nor a regime of general indifference in which the actors must attend as spectators the killing of others, without feeling concerned. We are all concerned and victims when the law is used against one of us, unfairly. It is therefore time to put an end to this unjust and unjustified policy ”, they argue.

They recall that “judicial files of extreme gravity are on the table of the security forces, the prosecutor and judges, files relating to very serious cases of embezzlement of public funds, trafficking in passports, counterfeit banknotes, drugs. , etc ”.

They warn that: “Beyond this declaration of principle, we intend to remain mobilized so that these requirements are met without delay. In this sense, a march is scheduled for Friday 15th to which we invite all Senegalese to come and participate to say no to violence against citizens, to demand the release of Guy Marius Sagna and to put an end to the relentless abuses against the civil society, activists and any other Senegalese citizen who has a position contrary to that of the current authorities ”.

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