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In Yoff too, the positioning battle will take place

Multiple applications in BBY: In Yoff too, the positioning battle will take place

A few months before the municipal elections of January 2022, the presidential coalition is already experiencing turmoil. In Yoff too, the positioning battle will take place in the Benno Bokk Yaakaar coalition. The current mayor, Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, covets the town hall of Dakar while in Yoff, members of his coalition are looking for another candidate. It should still be noted that the last word goes to President Macky Sall.

In Yoff, leaders of political parties such as LDR Yeesal, the PS, AFP, the reform party, the Association Nord-Foire en mouvement (made up of neighborhood delegates, imams, women’s associations and young people, among others) as well as women’s groups, municipal councilors and citizens’ movements have decided to go under their own banner to conquer the town hall, according to a statement made public.

They believe that the Minister of Health and Social Action cannot and will never be able to legitimately claim the candidacy of Benno Bokk Yaakaar. “It has long ceased to symbolize leadership at the local level. It is added that despite appearances, it is rejected by a good majority of the Yoff populations who, today, seek to rebuild a municipality completely unbalanced by its management, the broken promises and the lack of respect towards its citizens. ”, Notes the document.

In addition, continues the note, for these local elections, “the Yoffoises and the Yoffois keep the hope of a better tomorrow around a unitary and consensual dynamic which involves each daughter and each son of the locality”.

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