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“Salaries have finally been positioned since October 11” (Bamba Kassé, SG Synpics).

At a press conference on October 13, on the current press situation, the Syndicate of Information and Communication Professionals of Senegal (SYNPICS) spoke out on the difficulties faced by the staff of the D-media group. , with the late payment of wages.

The National Executive Bureau (Ben) of the union, which displays concerns about the future of the workers of the group, has notably delivered important information which will undoubtedly put balm in the hearts of the employees of the press house. According to the secretary general of Synpics, the salaries have been transferred.

“Salaries have finally been positioned since October 11. We hope that the late salaries will be paid, ”says Bamba Kassé.
The SG of Synpics nevertheless seized the platform to invite the management of the group to be more open to the staff to deal with any eventuality.

“The management of the press group must open up its capital to its staff,” he said.
While calling on the state to bring order to the sector with decent wages …


Salaries finally positioned October Bamba Kassé Synpics

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