SITEL denies unfair dismissals of its unionized staff

SITEL denies unfair dismissals of its unionized staff
SITEL denies unfair dismissals of its unionized staff

The Moroccan subsidiary of the multinational SITEL, based in Rabat, denied the dismissal of eight of its employees, who previously revealed the use of this use because of their establishment of a union office among employees.

Referring to “defamatory media outlets formulated by a central trade union against SITEL”, the company said in a statement on Wednesday that the information was “completely misleading and unfounded”. The same source specifies that a meeting was organized with the Provincial Commission of Inquiry and Conciliation in the Wilaya of Rabat, on October 5, in the presence of the management. “It has been clearly demonstrated that it was not in any case a dismissal of 8 people, but 3 people, and this for perfectly legal reasons”, indicated the same source.

The company also defends that the holding of professional elections had been conducted “in strict compliance with legal provisions, under the control and with the approval of the labor inspectorate and regulatory polling stations”. According to her, “social dialogue has already been instituted with employee representatives elected by our employees”.

Since last September, the employees of Sitel in Rabat and the Moroccan Labor Union (UMT) have nevertheless organized sit-ins in front of the company’s premises, to protest against the dismissal of the eight employees. According to them, their collaboration was stopped, without notice, after the creation of a union office of the UMT. “The situation has been going on for more than three months and the management is not following up on the dialogue proposals,” one of the eight licensees previously told Yabiladi.

Secretary General of the plant, Miloudi Moukharik, sent a letter to the CEO of the Sitel group, Laurent Uberti, on September 11.


SITEL denies unfair dismissals unionized staff

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