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Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl: Contest, underground, novelties, we take stock

With one month of the official release on Switch, we could see a small presentation of what awaits us in the remake of Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl. Highly awaited by some fans, an opportunity to play it for the first time for others, this remake had become logical. While waiting to be able to get our hands on it, we were able to see a small presentation of what awaits us and the Pokémon Company obviously wanted to show us all the little novelties that will make the difference and make you really want to come back, even having made the base game when it was released in 2006.

Pampering and competition

After a short stroll in Unionpolis, we can definitely say that the chibi style will not appeal to everyone, especially when paired with more classic graphics once in combat, giving the game a hell of a graphics lag. Pokémon Sparkling Diamond and Sparkling Pearl has necessarily been forced to review its interface, since the game was initially released on DS and the Pokémon Watch (or Pokétch) that was on the secondary screen has been transformed into a small icon that will open the full interface and it’s pretty well integrated. We were also able to see the Square Paisible, which has been completely revised to allow you to walk with a maximum of six Pokémon, but also to craft Poffins for contests. The process is long and not necessarily super fun, but will be super useful for contests.

Appeared in Rubis et Saphir, the Pokémon contests have been deepened and we feel that we are still going to spend too much time on it in this remake. In addition to the poffins, we will be able to create a capsule that will be used to improve the appearance of our Pokémon. It is up to the player to choose which stickers to put on his capsule according to the competition chosen among the 5 possible choices to maximize the effects. We will also have a new and unprecedented dance event with an unpretentious mini rhythm game and if the latter is collective, the scoring of the judges will be individual.

Competitions are more in-depth

The Poffins mini game is not going to stir up the crowds

Journey to Sinnoh Center

But the big part of this presentation was of course the underground of Sinnoh, these labyrinthine galleries exclusive to this opus and which will be back in an improved version in these new versions. You can build your secret base in the underground and decorate it with lots of small elements, but you can especially place statues there to influence the Pokémon that you will come across. We find the mining mini-game and you can explore all this solo or on the internet. But the real novelty is the hideways, vast underground areas that will change depending on which part of Sinnoh you are in.

We can therefore find ourselves in an area of ​​ice or desert in the underground and meet certain types of Pokémon as soon as we have acquired the exploration kit, the essential item to access the underground. The detail that kills is that some Pokémon will only be visible in these underground hiding places and those who want to complete the Pokédex to 100% will necessarily have to go through this exploration stage. The areas look pretty cool to visit and that shouldn’t be a problem there and we can’t wait to get started. game release on November 19.


Pokémon Sparkling Diamond Sparkling Pearl Contest underground novelties stock

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