World Day of the Adolescent Girl: TIBU launches 3 initiatives with high social impact

This week, the United Nations and the world are celebrating International Day of the Adolescent Girl under the theme “Digital Generation, Our Generation”.

On this occasion, the NGO TIBU which uses the power of sport to design social and innovative solutions in the field of education, empowerment and socio-economic inclusion of young people and women through sport launched several initiatives in the field in favor of adolescent girls and various actors in the ecosystem.

“Through our sports education centers and programs, adolescent girls develop several technical, cognitive, behavioral and socio-emotional skills. Investing in realizing the potential of adolescent girls helps defend their rights today and ensure a more equitable and prosperous future. ” declares Mohamed Amine Zariat, Ashoka Fellow and Founding President of the TIBU Maroc organization.

In order to celebrate the World Day of the Adolescent Girls, TIBU has launched several programs and initiatives:

Center for the emancipation of young adolescent girls through football in Mdina Qdima : From this month of October, the center for the emancipation of young adolescent girls through football in Mdina Qdima based in the old medina will welcome a hundred young girls who will be assisted in making a healthy transition from childhood in adolescence, to maintain growth and physical health through a sports program designed according to the needs of girls, they will be introduced to essential life skills, trained in new pedagogical learning techniques (STEM Sport – Sciences, Technology Engineering and Maths via sport) and foreign languages, they will be inspired to dream and project themselves into the future by joining forces with inspiring models.

S4D Center for Young Girls in Derb Sultan : In the presence of the United States Consul, TIBU inaugurates its new center for the development of motor, cognitive and socio-emotional skills in Derb Sultan on October 12, 2021 for the benefit of 200 young girls and boys in partnership with the Ministry of Education National Academy, the Regional Academy of Education and Training Casa-Settat and the Provincial Directorate Mers Sultan. The beneficiaries will be initiated and trained in individual and collective orange ball techniques as well as workshops on personal development and self-esteem. “Sport for development” activities will be offered to beneficiaries in order to discover the use of sport in the achievement of 17 sustainable development goals.

Toolkit for associations focused on sport and sexual and reproductive health and gender equality: TIBU Maroc kicked off a series of training and awareness sessions on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Gender Equality (EG) through sport for the benefit of Dars Taliba teachers in the Tangier region. Tetouan-Al Hoceima in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund. These trainings under the theme “Leadership and the Well-being of adolescent girls” will allow teachers to benefit from a tool kit promoting the physical, moral and social well-being of young adolescent girls.

Strong Girls, Strong World : Thanks to the support of the Australian Embassy in Morocco, TIBU offers the opportunity to a hundred girls from urban and rural areas to benefit from a program focused on autonomy, growth and well-being through sport bias.

These initiatives and programs are launched in partnership with several actors: Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Ministry of Health, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the Australian Embassy in Morocco, Oulmès Mineral Waters (sidi ali) and Project Soar.

These actions also come in response to the call launched by the United Nations development system in Morocco to “Reinvent the future for every girl” on the occasion of the International Day of the Young Girl. TIBU Maroc contributes for its part through the use of the force of sport to allow each young girl to properly draw her future.

Thanks to an ecosystem made up of African governments, ministries, diplomatic representations, international donors, United Nations agencies, committed private companies, the sports industry sector, public agencies, local associations, universities, researchers, media and families, TIBU is positioned as a player in social innovation through sport in Africa, bringing innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions to the ecosystem.

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