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10 months in prison are required

The defendant, who still lives in France today, was not present this Wednesday before the criminal court of Namur. The labor auditor has yet requested a 10-month prison sentence against her and demanded the reimbursement of 54,496 euros that she is accused of having improperly received while she resided in France, where she also received.

Mother of 2 children, the defendant left Belgium in mid-2015 to join the father of her children near Paris. She continued to receive family allowances and assistance from the CPAS in Belgium while she resided in France and the children’s father had been receiving them since June 2015. She notably received unemployment in Belgium between 2009 and 2017 then the RIS between July 2017 and August 2019, while she was registered as a job seeker in France in September 2015. The accommodation where she said she was domiciled in Belgium was in fact occupied by her parents, even though she was present there during home visits . The labor auditor, Jerôme Deumer explains: “We saw her circulating with a French plate in 2018. She said that her children attended a school in Jambes, it is false, after checking with the management. During the visit to his home, the police noted only one bedroom and one bed and found no sign of occupation by him or his children. On his bank statements, almost all expenses are made in France. “

The labor auditor requires a 10-month prison sentence without opposing a work sentence and requests the automatic restitution of 31,780 euros to the CPAS of Namur, of 18,355 euros to the ONEM, which could also benefit from ” a confiscation of 4,300 euros for the period between August and November 2015.

The defendant’s advice specifies that the move to France went badly: her client was beaten and returned to Belgium on several occasions. “The investigators do not know how to determine the exact period during which my client stayed in France, so I ask for her acquittal for lack of material evidence to prove her guilt.”

Judgment on November 10.

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