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Cherry DW 9100 Slim keyboard / mouse pack test: wireless office automation with class

Cherry DW 9100 Slim keyboard / mouse pack test: wireless office automation with class
Cherry DW 9100 Slim keyboard / mouse pack test: wireless office automation with class

The DW 9100 deserves its name Slim with dimensions of 44 x 13 x 1.5 cm. Despite its length, it takes up little space on a desk. Aesthetically, the whole is refined with a copper plate under the keys and a base in the same color. The mouse is of course tuned to this black and copper mixture, but we will come back to it in more detail later.

The build quality is in any case impeccable despite a chassis made mostly of plastic. The manufacturer has chosen a rough coating which has the advantage of not retaining fingerprints. The keyboard is very rigid and the finishes very neat; it is flawless on that side.

Copper appears around the keys.

On this model, Cherry did not install retractable feet to raise it, but a removable magnetic bar adorned with non-slip pads.

A magnetic bar allows the keyboard to be raised.

The DW 9100 Slim is a rechargeable keyboard and the USB-C / USB-A cable connects to the back. It also works while being plugged in, which is very appreciable. Next to the USB-C port is a power button and a selection switch for wireless connection. Indeed, Cherry offers two types of connection: Bluetooth or through a 2.4 GHz USB-A radio receiver. We appreciate that the choice is left to the user, especially for stationary PCs that do not necessarily have Bluetooth. It also grants the possibility of connecting the keyboard to two different computers.

The keyboard is connected via Bluetooth or via a radio receiver.

The keyboard has a priori few features, but the Cherry Keys software actually allows you to configure a lot of shortcuts on the F keys at the top of the keyboard in order to quickly access certain folders, programs or record macros. Finally, the backlight is missing, as is often the case with wireless keyboards, and LEDs are only present on the Shift and Num keys to indicate their activation. Autonomy is logically higher, but it is unfortunately not communicated by Cherry. The battery capacity is 650mAh and it is not removable.

Shortcuts can be given to the F keys.

The mouse

Apart from the colors and materials that go with the keyboard, the little mouse in the pack looks like two drops of water like the MW 8 Advanced from the same manufacturer.

Some technical elements differ, however, particularly in terms of sensitivity, with dpi adjustable on three levels using the button located under the dial: 1000 dpi, 1600 dpi or 2400 dpi. The wheel is also notched, but does not offer free or horizontal scrolling.

The mouse is symmetrical, but not ambidextrous.

Its dimensions of 99 x 62 x 33 mm and its weight of 90 g make it a very practical mouse to take anywhere, but this small size can hamper the use of larger hands. Taking in palm grip is quite difficult and it will be necessary to favor a claw grip (claw grip) or with your fingertips (finger tip). Moreover, despite a symmetrical format, the mouse is not really ambidextrous since the buttons on the edge are located only on the left.

Better to focus on getting started claw grip Where finger tip.

As a bonus, a velor carrying case is provided by Cherry to protect it. The USB-C cable plugs into the front, and again the mouse can be used while charging. By turning it over, we discover PTFE pads that improve glide, a magnetized housing for the USB receiver, a switch to choose the type of connection, as well as a small activation button for Bluetooth pairing.

The underside of the mouse and the storage pocket.

In total, six buttons are present with two main clicks, two side buttons, that of the sensitivity adjustment and the click of the wheel. As with the keyboard, different functions can be assigned to these buttons using the Cherry Keys software. The main clicks turn out to be surprisingly responsive for a mouse of this ilk.

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