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This sex position is the most likely to train you in the hospital

Among the plurality of existing sex positions, which is the most dangerous for humans? A study looked into the subject years ago, and a doctor is now looking back on the latter to tell us all the details.

The most dangerous sexual position for men

On TikTok, a doctor regularly makes short videos to alert you to the dangers of certain sexual positions, that is to say those that are most likely to make you land in hospital with broken penis, and other such issues (that no one wants to encounter in their lifetime). Recently, le Dr. Karan Raj laid out the following facts in a new video, that is here :

In this video, the doctor states that the most dangerous sexual position for a man is the reverse cowgirl position. “It is the most dangerous sex position according to science and it is the cause of 50% of penile fractures”, Explain le Dr. Karan Raj. The study referred to by the doctor is called “Mechanisms Predisposing Penile Fracture and Long-Term Outcomes on Erectile and Voiding Functions”, and was published a few years ago. The latter, published in the journal Advances in Urology, was interested to multiple cases recorded in three hospitals between 2000 and 2013, with suspected penile fractures. Patients were asked about the exact nature of their symptoms, and the sexual position in which they were at the time of the facts.

The doggy style is the second most dangerous position, since 28.6% of patients said they performed it when their penis fractured. At the same time, 92.9% of patients reported having vaginal intercourse at the time of the fracture, and 7% reported having had anal intercourse. The authors of the study, led by Leonardo O. Reis, comment:

Our assumption is that when the woman is on top, she usually controls movement by resting the whole weight of his body on the erect penis (…). On the contrary, when man controls the movement, he has a better chance to stop penetration in response to pain from injury to the penis, and thereby minimizes it.

But besides, how do you recognize a broken penis ? Of the patients surveyed, more than half said they had “presented the classic triad : an audible cracking followed by detumescence (reduction in the volume of the erect penis) and pain “. And also know that even astronauts will have their moment of pleasure in the future, since a company proposes to send sex toys into space.

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