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better understand air quality

better understand air quality
better understand air quality

On the occasion of National Air Quality Day, this October 14, the Ministries of Solidarity and Health and Ecological Transition are launching a digital newsletter which offers a targeted recommendation every day. specific to where you live. Objective: to help you reduce the impacts air pollutants and pollens on your health.

Called recosante, this digital public service aims to help citizens know their environment (air quality, water quality, UV index, presence of pollens in the air) thanks to specific indicators linked to their location. By subscribing (free of charge), we receive in our mailbox a daily alert which allows us to know the quality of the environment of the day. The data disseminated are those of the RNSA (national aerobiological surveillance network), Météo France and IRSN (Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety).

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understand air quality

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