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Coronavirus: masks recommended outside “especially in windy weather” –

A gentle breeze in the direction of someone who is coughing would increase the spread of the virus responsible for Covid-19 by 20%, according to a recent study. Because of this, scientists believe that face masks should be worn outdoors, especially when it is windy.

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay (India) conducted a study to verify how well the coronavirus accompanying cough can spread in calm (comparable to indoors) and windy conditions.

Increased risk of contamination in windy conditions

According to the findings published in Physics of Fluids, when a person with Covid-19 coughing outdoors, wind blowing in the same direction can spread the virus faster and farther than in calm conditions. Even a light breeze would increase the transmission of the coronavirus. “At 9-11 mph (14-18 km / h), the spread of the virus increases in distance and duration”, note the scientists.

Wearing masks encouraged

Experts believe the wind blows larger droplets for longer, increasing the time it takes to dilute the viral load in the air. Even though the masks are no longer mandatory in some countries, so researchers still recommend wearing them outside, “especially in windy weather” in order to protect yourself from coronavirus, according to the lead author of the study, Prof. Amit Agrawal, cited by the Daily Mail.


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