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Asustor ADM 4.0: New Features, How To Install It And Which NAS Supported

ADM 4.0 is available for all compatible Asustor NAS. This new version of the internal software brings several improvements like the new Linux kernel 5.4, an even smoother interface, the search functionality is simpler and more efficient, the performances are even better (especially in the transfers) and the exFAT is now free for all. Unfortunately, Asustor leaves out its oldest NAS.

Asustor ADM 4.0: New features

Asustor worked for many months on this new version of ADM. After a beta phase of a little over 4 months, the manufacturer is now providing the final downloadable version for everyone… well almost.

Linux 5.4, Btrfs, exFAT, Samba, OpenSSL

First of all, perhaps the most important information is the one that is seen the least. One thinks of course of the passage to the new Linux kernel version 5.4. This is an LTS version (Long-Term Support, which means that its support is provided for a longer period). It brings several improvements in the level of the security of the system and also integrates theexFAT (no need to pay for a license anymore). On the file system side, the Btrfs improves to provide better performance and greater stability. On the other hand, and this is normal, only the most recent NAS will be able to take advantage of these new features.

The module Samba (managing the SMB / CIFS protocol of Microsoft Windows) changes to version 4.12 in order to improve performance (gains of up to 5% in transfers according to Asustor). Samba also provides more for Mac users, especially for its Time Machine backup system, since it is now possible to set up quotas (limits). OpenSSL also evolves for more efficiency and safety according to the manufacturer …

Asustor also highlights its new search function and it must be admitted that it is quite impressive. On our test NAS, it responds immediately … be it settings, services, applications, files and folders. It’s very nice.

ADM interface gets even better

The interface has also changed slightly here and there. Small changes that echo the requests made by users. Some icons and menus have been reworked. Asustor added a dark mode that can be activated manually or with an automatic mode (which does not work on our model) and the customization of the themes has been further improved.

Personalization takes another step up …

Web Center

Web Center is a new feature, installed by default. According to Asustor, she “ allows users to easily choose the appropriate tools to configure a web server ”. On the other hand, we are surprised that the Reverse proxy either always in the section Services like Web server which is no longer useful here (but it is possible to hide it by checking a box).

Asustor ADM 4.0: NAS supported

First of all, you should know that ADM 4.0 is the first version which no longer supports all of Asustor’s NAS. Until now, ADM has been compatible with all of the manufacturer’s NAS … sometimes with some restrictions for older ones. This is an important change that we will have the opportunity to detail in the coming weeks. Asustor announces that this new ADM 4.0 version is available for the following series network boxes: AS10, 31, 32, 40, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70, 52, 65, 66, 70 and 71. A page turns, the first NAS from the manufacturer AS-20x, AS-30xT, AS-60xT… will not have ADM 4.0. Even if they are 8 years old (and more), which is already very good in terms of software monitoring for an industrialist, we hope that Asustor will continue to update them, if only for security reasons.

Asustor ADM 4.0: How to install it

As with any NAS update, we recommend that you back up your data. Also, make sure that it has a recent version ADM 3.4 or higher. To update its system, two solutions are available to you. The first is to go to Settings then the left menu Update. The button Update should appear at theState. As soon as you connect to the administration interface, an alert message is displayed:

If not, do not close the window. Open another tab and go to the Download page of the official Asustor website. Then, select your NAS in the drop-down menu (If you do not know the reference of your NAS, click on the icon System Information from the administration interface). Below, in the section Operating system in front of ADM 4.0.0, click on the link To download. Once the .IMG file is downloaded, return to the ADM administration page (see above) and click on the button Manual update. Push the button Browse… and select the freshly downloaded file and press the button. OK. All you have to do is wait. It takes between 15 to 20 minutes for the update to take place completely.

Our opinion

Asustor provides with ADM 4.0 an important update for its NAS. If this is not a revolution, it is an interesting and important development. Like the previous versions, ADM 4.0 is very stable… We will particularly appreciate the small improvements in the interface, but also the system updates (Linux Kernel, Samba, Btrfs…). The more careful users will wait one to two weeks before applying the update (for example if you are using Kodi on your NAS)

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