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Google offers advice about its search results – SEO news and engines

Following the “Titlegate” of a few weeks ago, Google has uploaded two new online help pages, providing a number of tips to better understand the way the engine displays page titles and descriptions in its pages. SERP …

Google recently released two new online help pages about how search results are displayed in the SERPs:

The first concerns the titles of results and is called “Control your title links in search results”. It therefore concerns the clickable titles of “blue links”, which Google calls “Title link”:

Title of a result in the SERP. Source: Google.

With the following advice (detailed on the site):

  • Make sure every page on your site has a title specified in the tag.
  • Write descriptive and concise text for your
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Avoid repetitions or boilerplate text.
  • Explain your titles concisely.
  • Be careful not to block search engines from crawling your pages.

Google also explains that it uses several sources for its blue link titles, namely:

  • Content of the
  • Title or other title on a page.
  • Header elements, such as
  • Any other content that is displayed large and prominent through the use of style sheets.
  • Other text contained in the page.
  • Anchor text for a link on the page.
  • Text of links that point to the page.
  • Editor’s note: In short, a bit of everything, what
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