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Senegal win second match of African Cup tournament in Tunisia

Women’s rugby, Senegal

Senegal proved their physical and technical superiority with a decisive victory over Côte d’Ivoire 45 – 5

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, October 14, 2021 / – In this second round of the Rugby Africa Cup women’s rugby union tournament, Côte d’Ivoire faced Senegal, previously beaten by Tunisia. The two teams met under a gray autumn sky on October 13 at the El Menzeh rugby field in Tunis, the capital.

Senegal proved their physical and technical superiority by winning a decisive victory over Côte d’Ivoire 45 – 5. In addition to facing each other for the first time, the two West African teams also played a rugby 15-a-side match for a first time.

The match started with each team attempting to take initiative, but Senegal’s fast-winger Fatoumata Bah still got off to a good start running hard enough to break through the Ivory Coast defense wall. . Following a pass to her teammate No.16 Mariem Coumba Barry, she was knocked down and received a penalty. As Senegal advanced, Coumba scored a daring try, bringing the score to 13 at halftime for Senegal and 5 for Côte d’Ivoire.

Senegal subsequently launched a daring attack, but when the ball fell on the line, Ivory Coast’s No.11 Absa Chérif was left with an eye injury requiring a break while the doctors were treating her. Despite this, the morale of the Ivory Coast was not shaken and the Ivorians did not score for the remainder of the match.

Senegal learned from their mistakes in their match against Tunisia last Saturday by relying on their physical prowess in scrum to develop their passes and learn how to better use their wingers.

Barely three minutes into the second half, Senegal’s No.14 Amy Nyafouna scored another try, and as Côte d’Ivoire began a long series of substitutions, Senegal scored two more tries by n ° 10 Fatou Diame, followed by n ° 12 Fatouma Bah. The score was 33 to 05 during the break and this time the Senegalese team made a change of players. The n ° 4 Dieynaba Camara, having played the whole match, scored the last two tries for Senegal allowing her to win the title of Woman of the Match.

Senegal lost to Tunisia in the first game and this time around seemed to have redoubled their efforts to win with a good score. Dieynaba Camara said she learned a lot from playing at this level. “This match gave us back confidence,” she added. Senegal team coach Simon le Noir said “we have kept the same game plan for this game and for all tournaments. We want to create our own style of play at 15 ”.

Kama Tidiane, vice-president of the Ivory Coast Rugby Federation, prepares for Saturday’s last match of the tournament series. The Ivorians will face Tunisia.

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