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jostled and chased away by political recruits, career diplomats suffocate

In the aftermath of the financial scandal that had splashed the Consulate General of Senegal in Milan, Italy, the President of the Republic Macky Sall had ordered the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as those of the Budget and the Civil Service to initiate the census comprehensive state heritage abroad. The Head of State had also requested, according to a press release from the Council of Ministers, the audit of the management of personnel in the chanceries.

Well, according to our colleagues from the newspaper Le Témoin, who have collected exclusive confidences from Senegalese diplomats, there is a mess that reigns at the Senegalese embassy in Washington / Dc (Usa) which happens to be the privileged destination the political or parental patronage of the APR / Benno regime.

On the banks of the Potomac, the chancellery of the Senegalese embassy is crumbling under the weight of local recruits and phantom diplomats. A situation which has worsened, alas, since the arrival of Me Aissata Tall Sall at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As proof, at the level of the Senegalese embassy in Washington / DC, Senegalese staff recruited locally practically drove out all career diplomats.

To better understand what it is about, “The Witness” makes you revisit the decree n ° 2002-21 of January 18, 2002 fixing the duration of the assignments of the agents of the State abroad. In its first article, it is said that the length of stay of agents assigned to Senegalese embassies, consulates and other representations abroad is set at five years maximum, without exception.

To enforce this decree, all diplomats and agents assigned to the Senegalese embassy in Washington, for example, were recalled after three (03) or five (05) years. All for end of stay.

« Washington Tampi » !
Meanwhile, some local recruits with no professional qualifications saw their contracts extended. And even if they only occupied menial jobs! Unfortunately, it turns out that these locally recruited “diplomats” in the USA often hold key / career positions intended for career diplomats.

The example of Mrs. BG “in charge of religious affairs” and that our colleagues had already mentioned in a previous edition always makes a lot of noise in Washington! Not only did His Excellency Ambassador Mansour Elimane Kane cut him this post to consolidate his salary, but his contract was extended… indefinitely.

Equally happy is Mrs. K. W, a charming executive secretary, whose contract has been extended. Since 2015, this lady has held a consul position which should in the standards be occupied by a career diplomat. This, given the strategic position of the Senegalese Embassy in Washington in our diplomatic system.

Since the arrival of Me Aïssata Tall Sall, from the same department (Podor) as the ambassador in Washington, the local staff from this part of Fouta has swelled. In any case, it has grown by half a dozen local “mbimi” recruits. At least that is what career diplomats claim, who confided in the newspaper Le Témoin.

Naturally, the national budget suffers irrationally from this situation considering the wage bill intended for people without office or activity. People whose only merit is to belong to families of ministers, marabouts or political authorities. In any case in this embassy, ​​the “Washington-Tampi” is the best shared diplomatic expression, report our colleagues in their edition of this Thursday.

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