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Macky Sall’s brother-in-law creates a political party and challenges it

As the next electoral contests in Senegal draw closer, political groups multiply. According to information reported by local media, after the two opposition coalitions set up by the group of Ousmane Sonko and that of the former president Abdoulaye Wade, he is the brother-in-law of Macky sal which also creates its own coalition.

This new political formation was indeed launched in Grand Yoff. Adama Faye who plans to be a candidate in the next election took the opportunity to shoot red balls on the Senegalese president. “When a worthy human being takes an oath and mentions God in his words, he must never violate him. For those in charge who are wisely awaiting the leader’s decision, know that the choice has already been made without your knowledge. It will not be disclosed until the last day or even the last minute ”, said Adama Faye according to the comments reported by Les Echos.

“We are open to anyone who is free”

He also insisted that the new coalition remains open. “We are open to anyone who is free, responsible, ambitious. “, he suggested. Note that the coalition called “Defar sa Gokh” thus comes to join “Wallu Senegal” and « Yewwi Askan wi ».


Macky Salls brotherinlaw creates political party challenges

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