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The government wants to extend the controversial “health pass” until July 31, 2022

The government wants to extend the controversial “health pass” until July 31, 2022
The government wants to extend the controversial “health pass” until July 31, 2022

The French government wants to extend the controversial ” health pass Against the Covid-19, which has restricted access to many public places since the summer.

« A bill on various health vigilance provisions Was presented and ratified on Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

« This bill, which received a favorable opinion from the scientific committee on October 6, extends until July 31, 2022 the management regime for ending the health crisis, including the possibility of mobilizing, if the health situation so requires, supervision of the activity of establishments open to the public and the health pass, as well as the accompanying measures associated with it », Announced the Élysée in a press release.

And to clarify that ” the measures taken on its basis, which exclude restrictions such as confinement or curfew will, as since the start of the epidemic, be strictly proportionate to the risks incurred and continuously adapted to the evolution of the health situation: extension of the scheme does not mean in this regard that the measures will ultimately be mobilized« .

« We assume to protect the country as on the first day. Restrictive measures to fight Covid-19 are not yet completely behind us The government spokesman said at a press briefing after the cabinet meeting.

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According to Gabriel Attal, there is always a “ non-negligible risk of a resumption of the epidemic“. If, to date, “most of the braking measures are no longer in force, we must be able to activate them without wasting time,” he argued.

That’s why ” until July 31, if and only if it is necessary, we will be able to supervise the activity of establishments open to the public and require a health pass“, Explained the spokesperson, before ensuring that” if and only if the situation worsens« , « decrees for a state of health emergency for 30 days “Can be taken,” deadline beyond which a law must be voted« .

This decision taken on by the French executive is in line with the recommendations made by the Scientific Council, which considers that the health authorities “must maintain a long-term legal capacity to act in the event of a new epidemic wave during the coming months”.

But, the extension until July 31, 2022 of the transitional period of exit from a state of health emergency and the possible recourse to the health pass was freshly welcomed on the right as on the left, the political class fearing that it will evacuate the debate on the campaign and the presidential and legislative elections, which will punctuate the first half of 2022.

“This is not to say that we extend the health pass until July 31“, But to say that the government is” gives the possibility to use it“, Insisted the spokesman of the executive, calling for” vigilance “while” signals “in some departments of France” seem to show maybe a thrill Of the epidemic.

According to the spokesperson, France had “ 4000 cases per day on average and the situation is no longer improving ». « There are 18 departments where the incidence rate exceeds the alert threshold of 50“, He underlined, while specifying that the winter is” favorable “to the epidemic resumption.

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