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Morocco relies on renewable energies

The severance of diplomatic relations between Algeria and Morocco affected the latter, which lost the 7% of gas from which it benefited as tolls within the framework of the Maghreb-Europe gas pipeline. This situation forces the kingdom to turn resolutely towards renewable energies to continue to ensure the supply of energy to Moroccans. For several years, Morocco has embarked on a policy of promoting these energies with the commissioning in 2016 of a large solar power plant in the Ouarzazate region. This, thanks to the NOOR project which made it possible to produce solar energy over 320 days a year.

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Photovoltaics is therefore a sustainable solution for countries like Morocco which do not have natural resources like gas. And the kingdom has understood the challenge of solar energy by aiming to increase its renewable energy production capacity to 52% by 2030. “Morocco’s geographical position is particularly interesting. It can easily become a hub, market our products in Europe and on the rest of the African continent ”, explained Thierry Poitout, a French investor who created his photovoltaic companies in Morocco: Solarmen, installation company of photovoltaic systems in 2015 , and more recently, SolarExport, specializing in the import and distribution of photovoltaic panels and equipment.

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To carry out this policy of promoting renewable energies, Morocco created MASEN in 2010, a specialized unit responsible for promoting the kingdom’s renewable technologies and resources. “The integrated project development programs carried out by MASEN aim in particular to develop additional clean electricity production capacity of 3,000 megawatts (MW) by 2020 and 6,000 MW by 2030”, indicate those responsible for this agency, specifying that the ultimate objective is to liberalize the market and to give the possibility and the authorization to private companies to produce and sell solar energy. In this sense, the “Energipro” program offers the possibility to energy-intensive industries “to build renewable energy installations allowing them to cover a large part of their energy consumption”.

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“Our wish is to soon launch a program with Mauritania and to connect the entire West African zone thanks to renewable energies”, announced Tarik Hamane, executive director in charge of development within MASEN, thus emphasizing the need for Morocco to continue to invest in photovoltaics to strengthen its role in the green revolution and become the Maghreb leader in renewable energies.


Morocco relies renewable energies

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