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Microsoft accepts landmark Right to Repair agreement

An independent study will be conducted on the impact that easier repairs could have on Microsoft’s products.

If you have recently attempted to repair or disassemble a computing device, you must have been faced with the great difficulty of finding spare parts or simply accessing parts to replace them.

Between screws with exotic tips, systems that make any opening impossible without damaging the equipment or quite simply the great complexity of disassembly, it is extremely difficult today to repair equipment if you are not used to the process.

For obvious financial reasons, manufacturers are generally strongly opposed to letting customers repair their hardware themselves, ending the warranty if a device is opened.

According to the environmental news magazine Grist, Microsoft is however committed to trying to improve the repairability of its devices. The Redmond firm would have accepted that an independent body study the impact that easier repairs of its devices could have. The company has indicated that it will then make changes based on those results by the end of 2022.

Microsoft commits… under duress

The deal was reportedly accepted after the shareholder advocacy group As You Sow tabled a resolution where shareholders urged Microsoft to give consumers the right to repair electronic devices. This resolution was withdrawn in exchange for setting up the study and making the necessary documentation available to repair shops that are not official Microsoft service providers.

As You Sow considered this commitment as an encouraging first step, but reminds that an extended implementation of this principle of reparability will take time. The result of the study will be published in May 2022. For its part, iFixit, a famous online platform dedicated to repair,

a huge historic gesture on the part of Microsoft.

While it is difficult for the moment to establish with certainty the impact that this commitment will have on future Microsoft products, it remains an important step for the right to repair.


Microsoft accepts landmark Repair agreement

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