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Anker unveils his first connected glasses

Anker unveils his first connected glasses
Anker unveils his first connected glasses

The brand unveils Soundcore Frames, customizable audio glasses sold at a price of € 179.99 in our regions.

Audio glasses are certainly not as expected as augmented reality glasses – a product destined to replace our smartphones in the future – but they are still getting a long way. Bose, in particular, has distinguished itself in this very closed sector with its Frames, or even Razer with its Anzu glasses.

It will now be necessary to count on a new kid in this small world: Anker, or rather Soundcore, one of its subsidiaries. The Soundcore Frames come in the form of glasses with a customizable frame to incorporate different lens options, including corrective or blue light filtering lenses. Anker offers 10 different frames to suit all styles and tastes.

Credit: Anker

Only the branches will remain identical, since they are the ones that carry the electronics, including the speakers and the battery. There are also the controls, by pressure or sweeping on the temples. The device connects to your smartphone – Android and iOS – via the Soundcore app, in order to customize its settings. Finally, Anker announces a total autonomy of 5.5 hours in continuous reading, as well as an IPX4 water resistance.

In Europe, the Soundcore Frames will be sold at a price of € 179.99, and the various frames at € 49.99 each. The brand is announcing a release within the next month. The audio glasses will be available on Soundcore’s online store as well as on Amazon, Anker said.

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