A security guard steals 1 million from his CEO and receives two years in prison

After his military service, F. Goudiaby became a security agent. Recruited since 2006 by the security company, SPS Sécurité, the 50-year-old will subsequently be assigned to the Senevisa company in 2017. Accused of having stolen 1,100,000 francs from the office of the technical director of his employer, the accused was sentenced yesterday to two years ‘imprisonment, including two months’ imprisonment. “I walked into the office to turn off the lamp and the air conditioner on the night of July 6. But, I did not steal the money ”, swore the father of seven children during his trial last Wednesday.

In fact, the Technical Director had noticed that more than 800,000 francs were missing from the envelope he had kept in his office cupboard. “When I informed the General Management, the decision to trap the thief was made by purchasing and setting up a hidden camera in the office. A few days later, we once again realized that the thief had acted again because the sum of 100,000 francs was missing. The next morning, a reading of the video surveillance made it possible to clearly see the defendant closing the central gate, going directly to open the drawer of the office table in the corridor and recover the key from the technical department. He entered the office to come out minutes later, ”said the representative of the civil party.

According to Rewmi’s information, during his plea, the company’s lawyer claimed 1.5 million FCFA, as compensation. After the prosecution which referred to the wisdom of the court, the defense pleaded the release, mainly. And a benevolent application of the law, in the alternative.


security guard steals million CEO receives years prison

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