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Algerian regime claims to have foiled armed attack plan

Algerian regime claims to have foiled armed attack plan
Algerian regime claims to have foiled armed attack plan

Armed attacks that were being planned by a Kabyle separatist group, in complicity with foreign actors, would have been thwarted this week by the Algerian security services, the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) said on Wednesday in a statement relayed. by the local press.

Seventeen people were arrested by the police in the prefectures of Tizi Ouzou, Bejaïa and Bouira, in Kabylia, accused of wanting to carry out “armed actions aimed at undermining the security of the country with the complicity of internal parties advocating separatism” .

Algeria points to the Movement for the Self-Determination of Kabylia (MAK) which has been classified on the list of “terrorist” groups. For several weeks, moreover, many activists of this separatist movement founded by Ferhat Mehenni in 2001, have been targeted by international arrest warrants, arrests or even house searches, in connection with related charges, among others, acts of terrorism.

Foreign entities would also be involved in this maneuver of preparation for armed attacks, according to the document from the DGSN which is based on the confessions of those arrested.

These suspects allegedly claimed to have been “in permanent contact via the internet with foreign parties operating under the guise of civil society associations and organizations and based in the Zionist entity (Israel) and in a North African country. “, According to the press release.

If this country in the north of the African continent has not been named, in recent times Algiers has multiplied untimely declarations against Morocco, accusing it, without the slightest plausible material evidence, of “hostile acts” against Algeria and its people. .


Algerian regime claims foiled armed attack plan

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