one dead and two injured in a heavy gun shooting near Paris

one dead and two injured in a heavy gun shooting near Paris
one dead and two injured in a heavy gun shooting near Paris

A young man was shot dead and two other individuals were more lightly injured in a heavy gun shooting Wednesday evening in Aubervilliers, in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, in the Paris suburbs, “Le Figaro” reported on Thursday. .

A night crew from the Saint-Denis anti-crime brigade (BAC) on patrol was informed around 10 p.m. that a shooting had just taken place on rue du Landy, in Aubervilliers, and that several people were injured, adds the daily, which quotes a police source.

On site, the police discovered the three victims, including a young man of 20 lying on the ground in front of the entrance of a restaurant, unconscious.

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In cardiopulmonary arrest and in a state of absolute emergency, the young man, of French nationality and born in Algeria, was declared dead an hour later. ” He was shot right through by a bullet in the abdomen“, Specified the same source.

Regarding the other two victims, a 25-year-old and another 19-year-old, one suffered a gunshot wound to the hand while the second ” has buckshot-like lead shards on the right calf« .

Several casings and cartridges were recovered on site including a 9 mm pistol cartridge, a second Kalashnikov as well as two percussion holsters of the same caliber.

An investigation has been opened and investigations are continuing. If the investigators do not favor any lead, everything suggests that it is a settling of scores against the backdrop of drug trafficking or territorial warfare, the newspaper reports.

Three weeks earlier, a 16-year-old teenager had been stabbed to death by another individual of the same age in Les Lilas, in the same department of Seine-Saint-Denis, for a history of territory.

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dead injured heavy gun shooting Paris

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