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An action is underway at the Ores head office in Gosselies: “250 people and 150 vehicles” mobilized (video)

An action is underway at the Ores head office in Gosselies: “250 people and 150 vehicles” mobilized (video)
An action is underway at the Ores head office in Gosselies: “250 people and 150 vehicles” mobilized (video)

An action is underway at the head office of Ores, one of the managers of the Electrabel network. Vehicles have been flocking since 10am this morning to Gosselies. A discussion between the employers ‘delegation of Ores and the employees on site is currently taking place in order to hear the employees’ demands.

“Strike movement at the head office of Ores”, “screaming sirens”, “more than 100 vehicles on the road”, “trucks from all regions of Wallonia are there to show their discontent”. Many of you pressed the orange Alert us button to warn us that an action was underway at the Ores head office in Gosselies. What are the employees’ demands?

“It’s a rant”, explains a CNE union representative on site. “A general malaise“, adds Yves, employee at Ores in Verviers for 36 years. “sweeps away the claims” of its employees.

Some have therefore decided, in a joint action with the CNE union, to mobilize: “A good part of the staff who take on guard roles came from all over Wallonia to express their dissatisfaction.“in front of the head office of Ores, explains the union representative. “250 people and 150 vehicles” are mobilized, he believes.

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What are the strikers asking for?

The strikers demand “a revaluation of technical professions” and “a rapprochement between the old and the new statutes which do not have the same advantages“, details Yves, aggrieved.

The demands relate in particular to a difference in hourly status between the old and the new, updated in 2002.

Yves explains to us: “We have one week on call per month. The old statute makes it possible to recover the Sunday on call, whether it is performed or not”, thus offering a day of recovery to the employee in a “compensatory”. The new statutes, them, “do not have this recovery when they are on call on a Sunday but have to work anyway”, he points out.

The strikers also demand “a collective labor agreement to structurally implement teleworking in the company”, explains Romain Wijckmans, federal secretary of the CGSP-Gazelco union.

“The door remains open” from the management side

Contacted, Ores spokesperson Annabel Vanbever confirms being aware that a protest action is underway at the head office and that discussions between staff and management have taken place regarding telework and custody compensation for technical staff. “The management proposed a series of measures which were rejected by the social partners”, explains a spokesperson for Ores, ensuring that “management keeps the door open” and that “the dialogue is always open“. Management and unions should meet again soon and agree on an agenda to continue the discussions “in a serene and favorable climate”.

“The actions will harden” if nothing changes, assures some of the staff

The employees hope, by this action, to be heard by management: “There is a new HRD, after a while they will have to listen “, points out the union representative present on site. And it is final: “If nothing emerges from this consultation, the actions will harden and amplify on other Ores sites “. This Thursday’s action represents “a first warning shot”, again warns the union official, who does not exclude in the future “other more muscular actions with site blocking”.

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