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Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program to 3 years

Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program to 3 years
Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program to 3 years

In October 2020, Apple launched a service program to fix AirPods Pro issues that can cause crackling sound issues or issues with active noise reduction. At the time, Apple said the program would cover AirPods Pro for two years after the product was sold.

The program goes from 2 to 3 years for AirPods Pro

Apple has now expanded the program, quietly updating the accompanying support document in early October. The “More Info” section of the page now notes that the program will cover affected AirPods Pro for three years after the first sale, up from the first two years previously.

Customers who bought AirPods at launch in 2019 will now be covered until October 2022 if this issue arises, and those who purchased in 2020 before the enhanced version was released in October 2020 can get repairs until 2023.

Faulty AirPods Pro that need to be repaired have the following issues:

  • Crackling or static sounds that increase in noisy environments, with exercise, or when talking on the phone
  • Active noise reduction does not work as expected, such as loss of bass sounds or increased background sounds, such as street noise.

The affected AirPods were manufactured before October 2020, and those with AirPods Pro that are having problems can take them to the Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Center for free repair. Apple says AirPods Pro will be screened before repair to make sure they’re eligible for the program. AirPods Pro earbuds showing the problem (left, right, or both) will be replaced.

The program only applies to AirPods Pro, not AirPods or AirPods Max.


Apple extends AirPods Pro repair program years

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