Opel Rüsselsheim wants to relocate to Morocco

Stellantis, Opel’s parent company, is considering relocating jobs from Rüsselsheim in Germany to Morocco.

Opel Rüsselsheim could very soon find itself in Morocco, where a factory of the Stellantis company is already installed. The group threatened to relocate tasks for cost reasons, according to German colleague Hessenschau.

« There are more and more indications showing that Stellantis’ desire to reorganize is not only imminent, but that in certain areas it is already being implemented illegally without prior information, advice and negotiation with employee representatives. », Quotes the German newspaper in its article.

Employee representatives who believe that their rights have been violated have taken legal action. Stellantis, meanwhile, announced last week its intention to part ways with Opel Automobile’s two production plants in Rüsselsheim and Eisenach. Both could soon no longer belong to the manufacturer. The most likely plan could be to make them independent structures, that is to say to develop the two factories into their own legal organizations and production units.

In addition, the company is also separating 102 hectares of retail space, according to the mayor of the city Rüsselsheim. ” Our city is now facing major challenges. It is now a question of developing the land, so that the companies that are established there, maintain it and create skilled jobs, as well as new housing. Said Mayor Udo Bausch, who said he was ready to fight so that Stellantis’ plans had no negative impact on Opel employees. The Opel employees union, not happy with this decision of the company, announced protest actions for this October 29, 2021.


Opel Rüsselsheim relocate Morocco

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