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Trains not involved in fire that destroyed Lytton, says TSB

Trains not involved in fire that destroyed Lytton, says TSB
Trains not involved in fire that destroyed Lytton, says TSB

Therefore, unless new information establishes that an event to be reported to the TSB has occurred, no further investigative work will be carried out and no TSB investigation report will be produced., notes the independent body.

On the day of the blaze, temperatures were close to 50 degrees Celsius. In less than two hours, the gust of flames wiped out 90% of the infrastructure of this landlocked village in the Fraser Canyon.

Two people perished under the rubble.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the British Columbia Forest Fire Department are also investigating the source of the blaze.

On July 9, residents of Lytton boarded a bus that passed through their village, destroyed in a fire on June 30, so they could see the damage.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Darryl Dyck

Class action lawsuit against CN and CP

A class action lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court of British Columbia argues that the fire started due to heat and a spark from the rails when a Canadian Pacific freight train was driven on the tracks belonging to the Canadian National.

CN has so far argued that the image of a train that witnesses have associated with the Lytton fire was not in the area at the time of the events.

Investigation Details

In light of preliminary information, the TSB had reasonable grounds to believe it was a fire caused by rolling stock.

By regulation, any fire must be reported to the TSB as a transport occurrence if it is known that the operation of railway rolling stock causes it or feeds it. However, none of the railway companies with rolling stock in the Lytton area reported such an event to the TSB, he said.

Many cars were burnt in the fire that quickly spread through the village.

Photo: The Canadian Press / Darryl Dyck

On July 9, an investigator was deployed to the disaster scene to assess the circumstances of the fire.

During its investigation, the independent body, among other things, conducted interviews and analyzed samples of a black carbonaceous substance, found near the railroad tracks, such as source possible d’inflammation.

The TSB also had access to video recordings captured by cameras located in front of CN and CP trains.

The TSB investigation did not identify any link between rail operations and the fire.

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