Michael Youn and Elsa Pataky from love at first sight to terrible breakup

Michael Youn and Elsa Pataky from love at first sight to terrible breakup
Michael Youn and Elsa Pataky from love at first sight to terrible breakup

On the occasion of the broadcast of “Fugueuse” on TF1, Thursday, October 14, 2021, return to the love story between Michael Youn and Elsa Pataky … which ended badly.

Thursday, October 14, 2021, Michael Youn is back on TF1. In the poster of “Fugueuse”, the actor embodies a father determined to save his daughter from prostitution. A sensitive subject on which he confided to Allociné: “I immediately really wanted to be part of this project. I found it necessary. I’m a dad, so I wanted to talk about it. . There are more than 10,000 minors who prostitute themselves in France, it is an enormous scourge “. Father of a little Stellar born from his union with Isabelle Funaro, the PAF whirlwind has known many media love stories. Among them, Elsa Pataky.

It’s on the set of the movie Iznogoud in Ouarzazate in Morocco, that the partner of Chris Hemsworth alias Thor and the former host of “Morning Live” meet in 2004. “He made me laugh, we talked a lot. And this is how our story began …”, said the Spanish actress. The duo fell in love at first sight and formalized their relationship on the red carpets. Despite their appearances where they are very much in love, the romance between the two actors is short-lived. Two years after the start of their high-profile story, it comes to an end in the worst possible way. Invited on the set of TPMP in 2018, the interpreter of Fatal Bazooka returned to the day he discovered his girlfriend’s infidelity … with his own eyes.

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This terrible scene attended by Michael Youn

“She was filming in Vancouver in Canada, so I take the plane, for 17 or 18 hours of flight, and I buy, when I get there, a very beautiful bouquet of flowers,” he said. He started. A surprise that turned against him: “She comes back from filming with her team, she’s back, I see her heading towards the counter and there, she kisses the producer of the film on the mouth, telling him : “See you later !””. A story to which he returned in 2020 in “C to you” by concluding: “I was with my bouquet of flowers like an idiot, so I remade 16,000 km to return to Paris.” A betrayal in the face of which Michael Youn did not know how to react. After having handed him his bouquet, he turned back. Since then, the two actors have not been seen again and have made their lives on their own.

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Michael Youn confides in his life as a couple

Elsa Pataky seems to have the perfect love affair with American actor Chris Hemsworth, with whom she had children. Michael Youn is in a relationship with French actress Isabelle Funaro. If he is in love with his beautiful, he confided to Télé-Loisirs: “Yes yes, I recovered with my wife. We separated for I do not remember how many, two or three years, and then we ‘got back together and we had a baby, that’s it. Life as a couple is a struggle! In the columns of Gala, he explained: “With Isabelle, we worked a lot, talked, communicated. It’s hard, moreover. After ten years of living together, we tell each other raw things about what works and what no longer works. When we are together for a long time, with professions like ours where exuberance is required, it is not easy, but we have to go through it. So yes, we have worked a lot “.

A speech given by her ex Elsa Pataky in the columns of the Australian wellness magazine Body + Soul about her marriage. “It’s funny people think we are a perfect couple. It’s not true. There have been ups and downs, we still continue to make this relationship work. relationship is constant work. It’s not easy, “she said.

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