the traveling merchant sent to prison for having hit his mother with a club

Thierno Khouraichi Sall, a traveling merchant from his state, was sentenced to six (6) months of imprisonment by the High Court of Mbour, in western Senegal. He was attracted to the bar following barbaric acts he inflicted on his mother and his little sister who filed a complaint against him.

The detainee had beaten his little sister, Mariama Malado Sall, last week. After his act, he found his mother at the central market in Mbour to tell him about the situation. Outraged by the bellicose behavior of her son, with whom she has not got along for years, Fatoumata Barry goes with her daughter to file a complaint against him.

Informed of the complaint, he violently attacks his mother whom he accuses of being at the origin of all his misfortune.

Armed with a club, filled with black anger, Thierno savagely slaps his mother who collapses. He continues with a violent blow of the club to the right arm of his mother who tries to get up, under the helpless gaze of neighbors and other curious people.

At the bar, the defendant declares that all this violence and family quarrels stem from the multiple pregnancies of his little sister who wants to engage in clandestine prostitution. He stresses that if he reacted in this way, it is because during the fight, his sister wanted to bite him. And that it is to get rid of the embrace that he made his mother fall.

Not having obtained the pardon of the latter, he was sent to prison.


traveling merchant prison hit mother club

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