Albert Royer hospital alerts on cases of influenza in children

According to “Sud Quotidien”, cases of malaria are on the decline in consultations even as the flu is gaining ground. At the Albert Royer children’s hospital, more than ten arrive in places in a situation of respiratory distress per day. They need to be taken care of immediately. According to Professor Idrissa Demba Ba, this phenomenon affects children under two years old.

Coming back to the prevention of these cases, Professor Bâ recommended washing hands with running water and soap, wearing a mask, but also nasal hygiene. However, he reassured that “the death rate is stable. With the surge in cases, we have yet to record any deaths. The pathologies that are at the origin of viral flu are viral infections, bronchiolitis, diarrhea or vomiting».

For Professor Aliou Thiongane, head of the emergency reception service (Sau) at Albert Royer hospital, the increase in influenza cases in recent days has created tensions among those accompanying patients.

For Prof. Thiongane, there are three categories of patients who are cared for in his service. Urgent patients whose wait should not exceed one hour, those who are not urgent; whose waiting period remains undefined. They can wait three hours, a day and even more. And between the two, there are priority patients.


Albert Royer hospital alerts cases influenza children

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