The Polisario and his Algerian mentor receive a new slap

The Polisario and his Algerian mentor receive a new slap
The Polisario and his Algerian mentor receive a new slap

The European Parliament unveiled the three finalists for the 2021 Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought on Thursday. The information may seem trivial because the prize is awarded each year by the European parliamentary institution to reward activists, the real ones, the genuine activists in the fields of human rights and fundamental freedoms. But this chestnut tree deserves our attention this year since the European Parliament had been seized with a candidacy impelled by Algeria, to say the least grotesque, that of a certain Sultana Khaya, a Polisarian activist posing as a damned to the earth for its “fight” against the windmills of human rights in the Moroccan territories of the Sahara.

The European Parliament immediately dismissed this eccentric candidacy to retain only those of Afghan women who fight for equality and human rights, the Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny and the former interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Áñez.

The 2021 Sakharov Prize winner will be selected from among these three candidates by the President and the leaders of the European Parliament’s political groups on October 21. So this is serious business.

Believing to benefit from the complicity of yesteryear within the European Parliament, the Polisario has been inflicted a serious beating on the part of MEPs who no longer want to grant credit, or even the benefit of the doubt to this band of mercenaries, of all the more so as they are now more aware than yesterday that Algeria and the Polisario are working to undermine the interests of Europe, in particular by leading a legal guerrilla war against its partnerships and international treaties.

Wasted effort. The operation carried out by the master of low works Amar Belani and others for several months behind the scenes of the European Parliament to grant their puppet, the so-called Sultana Khaya, the Sakharov Prize, is thus seen against the good conscience, in the sense of the responsibility and commitment of MEPs who know how to distinguish between propaganda and militancy, patriotism and felony, separatism and unity. Algeria has also accompanied this candidacy with a media uproar leading to believe that it is in the pocket.

MEPs immediately understood that the candidacy of this shoddy “icon” for the prestigious Sakharov Prize stems from this dirty hysterical campaign that Algeria and the Polisario are waging around the human rights situation in the southern provinces.

They took their time to investigate, find out and ensure that the so-called Sultana Khaya as well as her accomplices Aminatou Haidar, Naama Asfari etc. They are not peaceful human rights activists, but rather mercenaries in the pay of Algiers who feed destabilization projects against the unity and sovereignty of Morocco.

As a reminder, the unsuccessful candidate participated, from January 1 to 12, 2019, in military exercises supervised by Algeria during which she called for armed violence against civilians in the Moroccan Sahara. Photos showing the woman in military fatigues and brandishing a Kalashnikov rifle had gone around the web. They were entered as evidence in UN Security Council documents thus establishing the proven link between the Polisario, Algeria and organized crime in the region. And as Arab wisdom reminds us: the rope of lies is short!


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