the wali chairs a meeting dedicated to the NHRI

the wali chairs a meeting dedicated to the NHRI
the wali chairs a meeting dedicated to the NHRI

Khatib El Hebil, Wali of the region of Beni Mellal-Khenifra, chaired, this Wednesday, October 13, at the headquarters of the Wilaya, the work of the second session of the Provincial Commission for Human Development (CPDH) for the year 2021 which falls within the framework of the implementation of the third phase of the INDH, announced on September 19, 2018 by His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist him.

On this occasion, the Wali of the region highlighted the measures taken and the most important achievements of the INDH in the province of Beni Mellal for the 2021 fiscal year, in particular those related to job creation, ‘improvement of the incomes of young people, support for schooling, as well as the preservation of maternal and child health.

In this regard, the Wali of the region underlined that within the framework of the support of small, very small and medium-sized enterprises in the emerging phase, 42 projects have been approved and will benefit from a financial envelope exceeding 3.4 million dirhams paid by the INDH fund. He also added that 58 projects have been selected as part of the support to cooperatives and active local entrepreneurs and will in turn benefit from financial allocations of more than 5.7 million dirhams. He also indicated that 83 cooperatives in the province of Beni Mellal will benefit from financial support of 90,000 dirhams for each which has been enabled through the cooperative support program of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID ), implemented by the Give-Directly Organization in partnership with the INDH and which aims to meet the financial needs necessary for the development of active cooperatives, especially those that have been affected by the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic .

As part of the support and guidance of young people seeking employment, the Wali of the region indicated that an agreement is being drawn up by the national coordination of the INDH in collaboration with an association national specialized in the field of employment in order to help young people to obtain permanent employment opportunities, while specifying that the INDH fund will allocate financial allocations of around 01 million dirhams in order to support this job creation program for young people in the province of Beni Mellal who suffer from a mismatch between their levels of education and the needs of the labor market.

In addition, and in order to fight against wastage, reduce the cost of school fees, provide support to families in a state of precariousness and guarantee equal opportunities in education, the Wali of the region has indicated that financial allocations of more than 06 million dirhams have been devoted to the purchase and distribution of supplies and textbooks for the benefit of more than 80,500 students pursuing their studies in schools in urban and rural areas as well as to secondary schools in the rural area of ​​the province of Beni Mellal for the school year 2021 – 2022, while adding that the purchase of 12 school transport buses, with financial allocations estimated at 4.8 million dirhams, has been proposed, in order to strengthen the arsenal of school transport at the provincial level.

As for the support devoted to the health and nutrition of mother and child, the Wali of the region mentioned the start of the program linked to the tripartite agreement concluded between the Ministry of the Interior (the national coordination of INDH), the Ministry of Health and the United Nations Child Welfare Organization (UNICEF). A program which mainly aims to improve maternal and child health and nutrition through the strengthening of structures, missions as well as all components of the communal health system, namely: health establishments, maternities, associations working in the field of maternity, community mediators, local authorities and the target population (mothers and children).

the Wali of the region also indicated that in order to improve the services and interventions offered by all INDH development programs and to ensure their adequacy and convergence with other government development programs, a partnership agreement had been concluded in this regard, at the regional level, between the regional human development committee, the provincial human development committees and the Sultan Moulay Slimane University in Beni Mellal as project owner, with a view to carry out a field survey on the standard of living of families “Household survey” at the level of the province of Beni Mellal, for a financial envelope of approximately 01 million dirhams. He specified that this survey aims to collect data on the current demographic and health situation of all family members as well as data related to the level of education and schooling of children, eating practices and habits as well as professional and employment status. Mr. Khatib El Hebil underlined that these data will constitute an important basis for an in-depth diagnosis in order to identify the real needs and requirements of the target population, thus allowing all the actors of the decentralized services of the State, elected officials and associations to ensure convergence between all programs in the fields of sustainable development and socio-economic protection.

Note that during this meeting, it was programmed to use the remaining appropriations during the current financial year as follows:

  • The third program (Youth Income Improvement and Economic Inclusion Program):
  • Improved income, support for the solidarity economy, support for integration into the labor market: support for 98 projects at a cost of 6.8 million dirhams.
  • The fourth program (boosting human capital for the rising generations):
  • Support for schooling: acquisition of a dozen school transport buses at a cost of 4.8 million dirhams.
  • Support for maternal and child health: the conclusion of three agreements for the management of the communal health system in the field of maternal and child health at the level of the circles of Aghbala, El Ksiba and Kasba Tadla, with a financial allocation of 1 , 05 million dirhams.

3) Carrying out a household survey: the allocation of a financial envelope of around 01 million dirhams for this operation at the level of the province of Beni Mellal, within the framework of a partnership agreement between the regional committee, the provincial committees for the human development of the provinces of the region and Sultan Moulay Slimane University.

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