a doctor warns!

Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

A doctor warned against a sexual practice that can have dramatic consequences.

Followed by more than 4 million people on TikTok, the English doctor Karan Raj has warned his community against a sexual practice responsible for 50% of penile fractures.

Suffice to say that the “inverted horse” or “inverted cowgirl” position (see video below) should be tested with caution if you are lacking in imagination with your darling. Concretely, in this position, the man lies on his back and his partner sits on him, in the direction of his feet.

Nothing special ? Maybe not, but for our doctor this position is the “most dangerous in the world”. The risk that the penis ends up under the woman’s body and breaks is therefore significant. If the penis has no bones, it is common to talk about a fracture when the tissue that gives you an erection breaks.

Be careful, therefore.


doctor warns

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