A very dark legislature in Neufchâteau: the mayor resigns, the narrow majority explodes

A completely crazy legislature has been living in Neufchâteau since the election of October 14, 2018. Appeal, second election, legal saga still in progress and the departure of the former mayor have marked these 3 years. And now the mayor and the president of the council resign… because of disagreement with their own group!

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Journalist from the Walloon cell

By Jean-Luc Bodeux

Published on 10/16/2021 12:20 AM
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On will not repeat for you the saga of this commune of the Center-Ardenne where two deputies, Dimitri Fourny (CDH) and Yves Evrard (MR) had been fighting for the Mayoral seat for 3-4 legislatures, in turn and with the arms of unusual iron, closer to the boxing ring than to a judo tatami where fair play is essential. Following the election of October 14, 2018, the commune of Neufchâteau could only function normally with a serious delay. At issue, a suspicion of fraud linked to disputed powers of attorney for the benefit of the “Fourny” list, issued in the name of residents of the Le Clos du Seigneur home, and for which the judicial verdict has not yet been rendered, the hearings concerning 21 indicted being a priori scheduled for 2022.

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dark legislature Neufchâteau mayor resigns narrow majority explodes

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