Several rumors have circulated about the effects the vaccine would have on human fertility. These rumors are false. But what about the effects of the virus itself on fertility?

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The origin of the rumors

From the start of the campaign (The countryside, also called rural environment refers to all cultivated areas …) from vaccination (Vaccination is a process of introducing an external agent (the …), rumors that vaccines can make vaccines sterile or reduce the fertility (For common sense, fertility designates at the end of the 20th century …) have circulated a lot among people hesitant about vaccination. According to researchers from Miami (Miami is a major city located in Southeast Florida, United States of America ….) and Oklahoma, research on this on Internet (Internet is the global computer network that makes services accessible to the public …) increased immediately after the emergency vaccine clearance in the United States in December 2020.

In fact, summarized among others, last February, a opinion (Anderlik-Varga-Iskola-Sport (Anderlik-Varga-Ecole-Sport) was used to designate a …) published by a group of British experts, or an INSERM press release, in France, in July, or a CDC page, in the United States, in August, there is no given (In information technology (IT), data is a basic description, often …) which supports the idea that COVID-19 vaccines could disrupt fertility. Not even any theory (The word theory comes from the Greek word theorein, which means “to contemplate, to observe, …) which might explain how the vaccine could have such an effect.

It should also be remembered that many women became pregnant during clinical trials of the vaccines. However, from the first month (The month (from the Latin mensis “month”, and formerly to the plural. “Menstruation”) is a period of time …) of the vaccination campaign, the available data did not indicate any increased risk of miscarriages.

But these rumors could also be due to the fact that the sickness (The disease is an alteration of the functions or the health of a living organism, animal …), she seems nice (Named in honor of the inventor Alexandre Graham Bell, the beautiful is unit of …) and pose a risk.

COVID-19 and male fertility

In research (Scientific research first and foremost refers to all the actions undertaken with a view to …) published in November 2020, a team fromUniversity (A university is an institution of higher education whose objective is the …) of Miami led by urologist Ranjith Ramasamy, reported theautopsy (Autopsy (or post-mortem examination or necropsy) is the medical examination of corpses. The …) of six men who died from COVID-19.

The researchers observed a decrease in Name (The notion of number in linguistics is dealt with in the article “Number …) sperm in half of the cases. the virus (A virus is a biological entity that requires a host cell, which it uses …) had also been detected in the testes of one of the subjects. In addition, a biopsy (A biopsy is the removal of a sample of body tissue from …) performed on the testicles of a survivor of the disease, three months after his healing (Healing is a biological process by which cells in the body …), had shown the presence of the virus. Finally, during a surgery (Surgery is a medical technique consisting of a physical intervention on the …) aiming to place an implant in the penis of two men suffering from erectile dysfunction, tissue analysis also revealed traces (TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) is a veterinary health network of …) of the virus nine months after infection.

“Scientists know that other viruses invade the testes and affect sperm production and fertility,” wrote Ranjith Ramasamy a few months later in a text on the interuniversity site The Conversation.

When a man (A man is an adult male individual of the species called Modern Man (Homo …) is infected with the COVID-19 virus, the ensuing inflammatory response disrupts the blood-testis barrier, allowing the virus to reach the reproductive system, summarized the biologist (On other Wikimedia projects

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