Weather / Morocco: here is the weather for this Saturday

Foggy formations are expected on the coasts and the Atlantic plains the morning and the night of this Saturday, October 16 and a high clouds are expected over the South and East of the country, with a fairly clear sky elsewhere, indicate the established forecasts. by the General Directorate of Meteorology.
A weak to moderate wind, from North to East will blow over the South provinces, from South will blow on the South-East and from North to West will blow elsewhere.

Minimum temperatures will be around 07/14 ° C on the reliefs, the Oriental and the phosphate plateaus, 20/24 ° C in the extreme south-east of the country and 14/20 ° C everywhere else. .

Maximum temperatures will be around 34/40 ° C in the southern provinces and the interior of Souss, 29/34 ° C in the south-east, the Moulouya valley, the plains of Tadla, Rehamna, the plateaus. of phosphates and Oulmés and 22/27 ° C on the Oriental, the reliefs and near the coasts.

The seas will be little to rough in the Mediterranean and on the Strait, little to rough between Cap Spartel and Boujdour and sometimes little to rough in the morning, and little to rough elsewhere


Weather Morocco weather Saturday

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